Not Yet Time



John 8:20 He spoke these words while in the temple area near the place where the offerings were put. Yet no one seized him, because his time had not yet come. 

I woke up this morning trying to solve a problem I had no control over. I was desperately looking for a way to mend my broken heart and I kept thinking of new ways to make the pain go away without finding any solution to the problem. 

It really is ironic how we tend to look to everyone except god to take control of a situation. It’s sad how we try every other avenue before we give him a chance to work on it. This morning I found myself guilty of that. I kept trying to fix things and mend things that only god has the power to mend.

In my search for spiritual nourishment I came across the scripture above. What screamed at me was the words “his time had not yet come”. The scripture is speaking about Jesus speaking in Judea where the Jews were trying to kill him. 

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said,

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

According to Jewish law only the testimony of two men is valid and as such they did not believe his testimony because he was standing before them alone. In verse 18 Jesus explains how his testimony is valid even according to their laws.

I am the one who testifies for myself; my other witness is the Father who sent me. 

The Jews in Judea were planning to seize Jesus but they could not do so, simply because his time had not yet come. 

Today this might be the case for many people, including myself. We wish to move forward and push past the pain. We might be trying to get a promotion on work or praying for healing and not seeing the answers to our prayers. We might question God at times and wonder if he acknowledges us when we speak to him.

I’ve come to realize that like Jesus maybe it’s just not our time. God knows our destiny, he knows why we are where we are in our lives and he’s just waiting on the right time to reveal the answers to us. We may not understand why or when or how things are going to change but God has a plan for each of us. A plan he intends to fulfill. 

Today I wish to encourage everyone who is going through a tough situation in their lives right now. Keep pressing on in faith, we serve a mighty god who is faithful to his word. His word says whoever follows him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. 

I believe these words and I am trusting Jesus to see me through this time of pain. May you find favor with god and strength in knowing that it might not be your time but, your time is definitely coming. 

God Bless!

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