Declaring Your Favor

Psalm 5:12Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

This morning I found courage in reading this scripture verse and Joel Olsteen’s interpretation of finding our favor with god. In his book; Daily Readings From Your Best Life Now – 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full Potential, he teaches us to expect the favor of god.

David in Psalm 23:6 wrote “surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life” he professed the goodness of god in his life. He expected good things to happen to him for as long as he lived. David was not a perfect man for he committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband abandoned in battle, causing him to die. However David saw his wrong and asked god for forgiveness.

What we learn from David is that no man is perfect. We will all fall at some point in our walk with Christ. However we need to be humble enough to fall on our faces and ask almighty god for forgiveness. The bible speaks of David as being a man after god’s own heart. Showing us that once we seek to do god’s will above ours we will have favor with him.

In our lives we need to be like David. When we have sinned we should go to our father who is in heaven and ask forgiveness. Once this is done we need not dwell on the wrong we have done but instead we should press forward and open our hearts to receive instruction from god. We should declare the goodness of god in our lives and the lives of our families.

In declaring the favor of god in our lives we should understand that many times the favor of god comes during a time of trial. The bible speaks of Ruth who found favor with god during the time of famine. She and Naomi could have starved to death but instead god caused her to find favor with Boaz who instructed his men to leave handfuls of grain behind for her to collect. Also consider Joseph, who was sold as a slave in Egypt. In Genesis it says “the favor of god was upon Joseph”. No matter what people tried to him he was always prosperous.

Let us take pattern after these men and women of god. Like David we should repent of our wrong and declare the favor of god in our lives at all times and expect good things to happen. Also in times of trial choose to expect the favor of god to manifest itself in your life.

So continue praising god and trusting him even through your trials. I declare the goodness of god will manifest itself in your life and you will find favor with him even when you least expect it.


3 thoughts on “Declaring Your Favor

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Continue to allow God to use you through your writings and testimony.


  2. mybroom says:

    I reckon we can go one better – we have the favour of God – it is the atmosphere in which we live, because we live in Christ. cheers Graeme


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