Don’t Worry, I’m Not Perfect Either

Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Have you ever felt defeated? Ever questioned god’s purpose for your life? Felt like giving up on your decision to follow Christ? Well I have news for you. God knows and he understands that we’re imperfect beings who will stumble along the way.

My relationship with Christ has been on a strain the past couple of weeks. Truth be told, I made some decisions that I know he wouldn’t be pleased with and I was afraid to face him. I felt like 8 again, you know that time in your life when you dread facing your parents because you did something that would disappoint them and would probably warrant a well deserved spanking. And it was during this time of feeling worthlessness that I started to pull away from god.

I felt like a great disappointment. I told myself that I could not offer praise or worship up to god because he would not want to hear from me. I was convinced that I was a hypocrite and god would not want me as a servant any longer. It got to the point that  I stopped praying because I felt that there was no way god would answer the prayer of a disobedient sinner. I stopped reading my bible or any of the inspirational books in my collection all because I did not want to be a hypocrite.

It wasn’t until last night that I realized what was happening. I started reverting to my old ways. Listening to different music, having conversations I chose not to have anymore and my thoughts were no longer Christ centered. It was then that I saw that I was allowing one mistake to draw me away from god. I was constantly dwelling on my mistake instead of following his instruction to confess my sin and receive his forgiveness.

1 John 1:If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Romans 3:23 is a reminder that god knows that we aren’t perfect. He knows we’ll stumble along the way. While he will not be pleased when we disobey him he is faithful to forgive us. Don’t let your imperfections pull you away from god. I’m not saying that we should all go out and sin as much as we want and just ask forgiveness after. What I’m saying is you’re not perfect. None of us are, but don’t let your imperfections determine your relationship with Christ. Don’t dwell on the wrong you have done, instead confess your sin to him and he will forgive you.

Romans 3 puts it best,we have ALL sinned and fallen short of god’s glory. You’re not the first person and you won’t be the last to do wrong in the sight of god. Don’t let your mistakes draw you away from god’s presence. Continue praising and glorifying his name, continue seeking his face and continue feeding your spirit through his word. When you stumble confess to him, receive his forgiveness.

We serve a just and faithful god whose mercy endureth forever. He wants a relationship with you, but it’s up to you to accept his grace. Continue in faith and watch the goodness of god manifest itself in your life!

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