A Tribute to Mummy

From Left: My Cousin Natalie, Mummy and Me

I remember becoming extremely annoyed when you’d come to wake me in the morning to haul me off to school. Now I realize that you were ensuring that I had a powerful tool to take me through life. I always hated the Saturday mornings when I had to cook, if only I knew then that you were ensuring I could nourish my family in time to come. I don’t know if thank you will ever be enough for all that you have done for me.

I miss coming home to your cooking and the smell of your baking on a Sunday evening. I miss waking up at three in the morning and drinking tea with you. I miss our evening strolls and the laughs we’d share in the gallery on a afternoon. Times when I had a hard day you were always there to calm me,to rub my back,take my temperature,you’d even make me tea just so I can feel better. There was never a moment when you didn’t believe in me,when you didn’t tell me it would all be worth it.

You are a true example of a strong woman. I think back of all the times you scolded us and ensured that we did right in the sight of god and I am extremely grateful that you did. I remember you praying “One-to-Five,and Five-to-one, bind them like a bundle of sticks that cannot be broken.” Your prayers have kept us together and safe all these years. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Now I’ve reached a point in my life where each and everyday I miss you so much. I sometimes want to give all of this up just so I can have you close to me. I long to hear you tell me wash the wares or clean my room. Only now have I come to realize the struggle you went through for me. The abuse,the pain,giving me and doing without. You are my inspiration. My role Model. I love you more each day as i understand the sacrifices you made so I can have a better understanding of what my life should be.

You are the reason I stand so firmly for what I believe. You are the reason why I’ll not falter when others expect me to. I can and will achieve all that I’ve set out to. No one is above or beneath me. Impossible is not a part of me. I am a strong woman and I can accomplish anything I wish in life with god’s help. I am my greatest motivator, god is my ultimate provider and you are my inspiration.


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