Dear Diary……

Dear Diary,

Today I had the most wonderful day. I met an old friend and we spent hours catching up. We made plans to meet up again and stay in touch. I’m soooooooooooooooo excited.

Does the above entry look or sound familiar to you? Most of us at some point in in our lives either owned a diary or knew someone who kept one.

A diary is a book where one keeps a written collection of daily events and activities. It serves as a way to express one’s thoughts and emotions while also acting as a record of important events that can be referenced at any time.

Some time ago god placed in my heart a desire to record my prayers. I had the idea that I could write or type the things I spoke to him about and his responses. I fulfilled the desire for some time but I did not have the obedience to continue in my practice. This week the desire was placed in my heart yet again and confirmation came through a friend’s status on facebook.

On Sunday, Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor wrote “I’ve been reading my prayer journal & dreams for the last 4 years and it’s interesting to see how things have progressed. All I can say is…God is AWESOME!!!” 

Upon reading Jennifer’s status I sent her a message to get more information on her prayer journal, I felt that I needed confirmation that this was the same thing I was doing some time a back and that god was speaking to me. This is what she shared with me,

Several years ago i felt the Lord leading me to write down and record my dreams. A couple of years later I felt the Lord leading me to begin writing down my prayers. I also heard Joyce Meyer speak on a prayer journal and how she could go back 30 years and see how God answered her prayers. I felt like this was confirmation to me.

Now I have about 8-10 years worth of dreams and written prayers that I can refer back to and I’m so glad I listened. Sometimes, God doesn’t answer our prayers right away. During these times of waiting, it gets hard and we wonder how long we’ll have to wait or if the answer is “no”. Now, I can read back through my prayer journal and see a pattern in how He has answered my prayers years later, and it gives me strength to KNOW that He will and does answer as I face new challenges in my life right now.

Also, I can see the fulfillment of dreams He has given me. I may not see the dream come to pass for a few months to a couple of years. By then I’ve forgotten the dream, but if I write it down, it is always there for me to refer back to and then it all becomes so clear. It’s a wonderful testimony of God’s hand in my life.

I would highly recommend doing this if you are feeling led.

WOW!!!! I don’t think there’s a need for me to say much else. I think this is a remarkable idea for us as believers to do as a means of encouraging ourselves to continue praising god in spite of. Can you imagine looking back at your prayer requests and dreams over an extended period of time and seeing the confirmations that your prayers have been answered and your dreams came through?

I don’t know how many of you, like myself, have been led to record your prayers or dreams or both. What I do know is that we have a living testimony of the usefulness of  this exercise and the benefits of it to us as believers.

If you feel compelled by the spirit to start recording your prayers then I pray god grants you the strength and diligence to do so continually. I’m ecstatic just thinking about the entries I’ll be looking back on in the years to come.

Happy Writing and God Bless You!!!

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