Awesome God

On my way to work this morning the a song started playing and it sent me into an entirely different frame of mind than I was in initially. I was battling with myself for some mistakes I made and the song started with “my God is awesome he can move mountains……..” immediately I snapped out of that guilt stricken state and started praising him.

You can listen to the song here.

I can’t help this overwhelming feeling I’m experiencing even as I write this post and listen to the words of that song. HE IS SO AWESOME. I am truly blessed to be serving a God who can do ALL things. He is my provider, protector, healer, deliverer! I am blessed beyond reasoning and it’s all because I serve an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME GOD.

I encourage you to share your testimonies with us by emailing them to . We need to tell the world about the great God we serve. 
God Bless You!!

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