God Protects His Own

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.

Isn’t it awesome knowing that we serve a faithful God, a God who will honor his word and who we can depend on? This weekend I heard two wonderful testimonies about the faithfulness of God to protect his people and I just have to share these with you.


During service on Sunday a young woman got up and began to tell the congregation how God has been protecting her life for the past three months.

Our sister was in a vehicular accident late last year and had to have her vehicle repaired. She got it repaired to a point but still had some work to be done. She was able to drive her vehicle for the past three months because the missing part was not crucial to the operation of the vehicle.

Last Thursday she got the part she needed to complete the repairs and took her vehicle to the mechanic. With tears streaming down her face the young lady began to explain to us the way in which the mechanic spoke to her in awe as he explained to her that every bolt at the front of her vehicle was loose. Some were loose to the point that he simply took them off the car with his fingers.

I’m not a mechanic and I don’t understand all of the workings of vehicles but I understand enough to know that God was the only one keeping that young lady from harm.


During the same service one of our musicians shared this testimony with us:

He said on Friday of last week he went home after service and lay down to sleep. While sleeping he was dreaming that he was having a conversation with God. In fact he said he was arguing with God when he heard God saying to him “Get up let me show you something”

At first he didn’t pay any attention to it but he heard the voice say again “Get up let me show you something”

When he awoke and looked down his house was flooded. Without placing his feet on the ground he looked around and realized there was a live electrical wire submerged in the water on the floor.

Just outside were his two young sons, who at any moment could have opened the door to their home and been electrocuted.

God did not allow any harm to come to Sammy or his family because as his word says our God is faithful and he will protect his people.

Just as God protected his children in these two situations I know that he is protecting all of us from danger and from the plans of the enemy.

Thank you father for being a faithful God and for protecting me.

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