Faith or Fear


Last weekend I attended a women’s retreat. This was my first ever retreat and I must say I had an amazing time with these women. It’s amazing how we can see people every Sunday in church and not realize how beautiful and wonderful they are. The retreat lasted a weekend and during that time we had various sessions.

One of those sessions entailed sitting with a partner and getting to know each other. I sat with sister Dick and this woman really challenged me to continue serving God in faith.

Sister Dick and I sat the pool and shared with each other on various things. The one thing that stuck with me was one of her encounters with God and the faith she had in him to save her son’s life.

When her youngest son was one year old she got a call from doctors telling her he had leukemia. She got the call a Friday; the very day she was getting prepared to go to a youth retreat as the chef for the weekend. She told the doctors that she couldn’t bring Christian in until the Monday morning.

Sister Dick unlike most of us didn’t panic. She carried out her responsibility at the camp and on the last day requested prayer for her situation. She took Christian to the hospital the following Monday where a team of doctors were assigned to him. After spend long hours in the hospital by her son’s side, Sister Dick went home to have a bath and return to comfort her child.

While at home, in a fit of tears she heard a voice say to her “choose this day Faith or Fear, but know that both of them cannot dwell in the same house.” With the determination only a desperate mother could have she chose to have faith in God and trust him to heal her son. Sister Dick returned to the hospital that afternoon and the doctors surrounding her son all turned to face her. The head doctor said to everyone there “you see this woman, this is a praying woman” she then turned to sister Dick and said “woman take your son and go home”

Today some of us are facing some really scary situations in our lives and we need to make a choice whether we’re going to stand on faith in Jesus expecting him to see us through or if we’re going to give in to fear.

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