Daily Dose – Things I Learned While Walking


Yesterday I went for a walk and while walking some great life lessons were revealed to me.

1 Everyone is on the same road in life however, the way we choose to walk that road will determine what our destination will entail; eternal life or damnation.

2 Just as our personality and sense of style differs so to in life, our journeys will be different. As Christians we all walk the same road but we each will have different encounters, hurdles, blessings and experiences. It’s up to us to focus on our walk and embrace it for what it is.

3 Each of us has a clear idea of where our journey will end but if we focus only on the end itself we’ll miss all the beautiful sights, lessons and people on the way.

4 Don’t compare your walk to someone’s. They may look shiny, sweaty and soaked on the outside but you don’t know what their muscles and ligaments are going through on the inside.

5 Take time to admire the simple things along the way. There’s beauty all around us. It really is okay to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

6 The journey is always better with a friend. Some of us may have a friend and some of us will be a friend but friendship carries us through. And in those silent moments when there’s no one around you have the greatest friend to keep you company. Jesus!


The funny thing for me as I type this is the fact that I was very reluctant to go walking yesterday. All in all I’m really happy that I had a friend who dragged me to the savannah to exercise because not only does my body feel better my heart and spirit benefited as well!

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