Daily Dose – God Grants Us Our Hearts Desire


Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

In the past when I read this verse of scripture I thought that once I aligned myself to the word of God I would then go to him with a shopping list of all the things I desired and he would give them to me.

How silly I was to think that way. God is continually searching our hearts and he knows when we delight in him and he also knows what our hearts desires are. He is so true to his word that sometimes without us asking for things he gives them to us because he knows in our heart we desire it.

Earlier this year my family decided to plan a trip to the US for Christmas. For this to happen we all needed to obtain a visa from the American embassy to enter the country. In theory this sounds really simple but practically it seemed challenging because the US have increased the requirements for one to obtain a Visa since 9/11 (which I understand fully).

Every time I mentioned my intention to obtain the Visa to someone they immediately highlighted the negatives of the situation. They told me of persons they knew who were of great standing in the country who were refused entry. They looked at my age, salary and bank account and showed me how the odds were against me.

But you see God saw the desire of my heart. He knew that I was aiming to please him and that I delight in his word and his ways. Earlier last month an opportunity opened up for someone from the company I work with to go to the US to do training. I know you’re smiling because you realize that I was chosen to go. The thing is I have no expertise in the area of training that had to be done. It’s not my field of work, but when God wants to do something he can use any means he sees fit to do it.

I walked in to the United States embassy with everything in the natural against me, but I also went with everything in the spiritual for me. Fifteen minutes later I walked out of that office with a Visa that allows me to visit the US at anytime I wish for the next ten years.

I could not have done that on my own. I was not qualified to obtain a Visa. Everyone around me said no. The opportunity was not meant for anyone in my department. Time and time again I have seen that my God is good and he is faithful to his promises. What are your heart’s desire today?

I want to encourage you to continue seeking God’s face. Continue delighting in his ways and watch him do for you what no one else can. Watch him turn your negative into a positive and your no into a yes. God is able and he is faithful. He will do what he said he would do.

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    Trust in the Lord and seem him grant you the desires of your heart.


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