Testimony – God Has a Purpose For You


There is divine purpose to our life: I wasn’t born a Christian, but I grew up in church & my mom was a praying woman who would always intercede on her children’s behalf, praying that our souls would be saved, that we may be in right standing with the LORD God Almighty.

Having reached the age to make my own decisions, I chose to live my life to please myself & not God. I basically did it all. I drank, I smoked, I partied, fornicated, almost killed men, had gun in my home, etc. Having lived my own way, I ended up between a rock and a hard place. All I wanted was just a way out, just to alleviate the stress, but no avail no matter how much I tried or who I turned to. I began thinking suicidal. Until one night I cried out to Jesus as a last resort.

This was the same Jesus I rejected all my life, but now I found it convenient to turn to Him for help. That night, having cried out to the Lord 3 times telling Him that I didn’t need to see any big bright light or hear any loud thunderous voice, but just something real and significant that won’t be deemed as a pigment of my imagination that He is real, if He would save me. That night, Jesus Christ the Lord made Himself known to me as His awesome presence overshadowed me & something changed within my being, something new was birthed within me. The presence of the Lord overpowered me & it was as though my own flesh was aware of the presence of its Creator.That was the night Jesus Christ saved & set me free from the bondage of sin that I was in as a result of living my own life. That night, Jesus made me not just a free man, but a new man. It is written, in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold, all things become new.” That was the evidence for me.

After that night, I could no longer associate myself with the type of lifestyle I lived before in spite of the temptations to do so, I just couldn’t. I lost every desire to just please myself. All I wanted to do was please Jesus. Before I met Jesus that night, I lived ignorant to my purpose, but after He saved and set me free from my lifestyle of sin that leads to death, from that night to this day over 7 years later I have been living a purpose-filled life as I live for Jesus. Now I know that Jesus can save even the worst of us because He loves us with an unconditional and everlasting love. All it takes is for us to cry out to Him, confess our sins & choose to change. He did it for me and He will do it for any one else. Peace…

– Jerome Barker


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6 thoughts on “Testimony – God Has a Purpose For You

  1. awftt says:

    Reblogged this on Arise Woman and commented:
    I love to hear the testimonies of persons who has been through the mud, then fire and purified. It shows how awesome and powerful God really is.


  2. kammer7 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your testimony. Very powerful… praise God!


  3. Thanks for sharing this. After hearing of your testimony about your praying mom, I thought you might enjoy my post from today, The Parable of the Prodigal’s Mom-
    Your honest sharing reinforces this praying mom’s hope that her prodigal will come home! Blessings


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