I Smile


I smile and laugh a lot, not because I don’t have trials or tribulations but because I have the joy of God in my heart. I understand that everything in my life is for a reason and I rejoice in all things, understanding that it is the will of God for me.

My smile was once my defense mechanism to fool the world into thinking I was alright, but today it’s my testimony that in spite of, God is still in control, and I can rely on his strength to see me through every situation.

I smile knowing that even though things aren’t perfect now, they will be sooner or later. So even in THIS, Lord Jesus I give you praise!

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4 thoughts on “I Smile

  1. Love this! Smiling during hardships doesn’t always mean someone is pretending to be happy when they’re not, maybe they are just making the most of the situation the best way that they can. Great post!


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