Testimony – The Power of Prayer


John 12:32  And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.

Prayer is such a powerful tool. Sometimes we look at persons who are down and out and instantly think money, food or clothes is what they need. One of my readers commented on a blog I wrote (Holy Spirit Access) some time aback and testifies that sometimes the less fortunate really just need someone who loves them enough to lift them up in prayer.

Don’t get me wrong, the less fortunate do need our help in meeting their physical needs as well. We still have a responsibility to help them in any way we can in their day-to-day living, however we should not stop there. This testimony shows that sometimes the best thing we can do for anyone that we care for is lift them before our Heavenly Father in prayer. I hope Karen’s testimony blesses your heart.

Karen’s Testimony

I had an experience once that really blessed me and showed me the truth of the phrase – lift me up and i will draw all men to me – (badly paraphrased) ,anyway in my twenties I was at a large and bustling train station in London. It was my first visit to the metropolis as I was a small town girl; it was a bit overwhelming, soooo many people bustling about busy with their day. Then a scraggy, smelly old man approached me and asked for some change.

I don’t know what came over me; this was my first encounter with a homeless beggar and I said “yes i’ll give you some money if you will let me pray with you”. Much to the embarrassment of the friend I was with (lol), he said “okay” and I laid my hand on his dirty head and prayed for him; I have no idea what i said.

I then gave him some change and off he went. My friend and I then went into a cafe on the station concourse – we were sitting there having a coffee when this same beggar appeared but this time with 5 other old beggars just like him. Much to the dismay of the other coffee drinkers they approached my table and the old guy said “my friends would like you to pray for them too” I sort of chuckled inside thinking that it was not prayer they wanted but money. I was wrong, because they all bowed their heads as i said a prayer of blessing for them, thanking God for how much he loved these men.

when I was done I expected the hands to come out for money, but instead they just looked at me and and said “thank you” and left!!!
I still wonder what became of them !!!!


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5 thoughts on “Testimony – The Power of Prayer

  1. ogwjames says:

    This is a very humbling testimony and has truly made my day today. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am humbled and so very pleased that you shared my testimony – thank you x


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