Testimony – Protected by Angels


Luke 4:10 For it is written: “‘He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully;

Yesterday I was driving and on two separate occasions I had encounters that should have caused me to get into a vehicular accident but by God’s grace that wasn’t the case.

In both instances I was driving in the furthest lane with no shoulder to pull unto. I was between a lane of traffic and concrete pillars. In the first instance another driver pulled suddenly from his lane and at the very last second I slammed on my brakes watching in horror as his vehicle passed dangerously close to mine. The thing is I wasn’t expecting such a drive because the vehicle was driving alongside me in the adjacent lane. It had to be an act of God for me to stop the way I did considering the ergonomics of the situation.

Approximately 30 minutes after this encounter on my way back to the office I had a very similar encounter. Yet again a vehicle driving along side me attempted to pull into my lane. This time I looked through the passenger window of my car to see a black wagon heading towards me. On instinct I swerved. As mentioned before I was driving in the last lane next to concrete pillars. I know that I swerved too hard and in my mind’s eye I saw my car slamming into the pillars, however that never happened. When I consider the proximity to which I was driving to those pillars I know I should have hit the car. I somehow managed to swerve and straighten up without any injuries.

I know for sure that God’s angels protected me yesterday. There’s no other way to explain the outcome of the situations above. I am certain that I can stand on God’s word knowing it to be true. He promised that he would give his angels charge over us to guard us carefully and he stood true to his promise yesterday.

I am humbled by my experience and ecstatic to be serving such an amazing and merciful God.

Thank you Jesus!

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2 thoughts on “Testimony – Protected by Angels

  1. So glad you’re alright! Thanks for sharing your testimony.


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