By Your Own Measure

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Matthew 7: 1-2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

This past week I’ve been meditating on the above scripture and trying to figure out how it should be applied practically to my life. It’s easy to say “Judge not that you be not judged” but if we were to be brutally honest with ourselves, it’s really not that easy to  satisfy the first part of this command.

Naturally, we judge people, things and situations. We form some type of opinion about certain things and based on what our perceptions are regarding that thing we act a particular way. I honestly don’t see that as a problem, however there is a problem if you are judging based on a standard which you can’t maintain or achieve.

You know that saying, “don’t judge me, till you’ve walked a mile in my shoes”? I think that’s what God is trying to teach us in this passage of scripture. Don’t just look at the onset of something and determine what standard should be set regarding it. So many times I’ve opened my mouth and declared that someone was wrong for the way they were dealing with a situation or the way they are handling something in their lives. In my heart I have rebuked so many people because they don’t meet a level of righteousness I believe they should (especially if that person is in ministry). But today I thank God for revelation and His spirit of conviction.

For the past month or two God has been pulling me back. He’s been calling on me to shut up and wait. He’s been giving me the same experiences that others are having so I can understand that it’s not always easy to attain righteousness. It’s a process that He has to take us through and that we have to trust Him with. God began to show me that sometimes when I judge what others are doing on the forefront I’m using the wrong measurement because I have no idea what He is doing in the background to bring them to that place He needs them to be.

Then I was warned! The same measurement I use when I judge, is the same measurement which will be given to me at the time of my judgement. That warning goes for all of us. Stop and analyze your response to others. Analyze the way you look at different people and circumstances and determine whether the measurement you are giving to them will be a good measurement for you when your time for judgement comes. Do you give mercy and grace, do you chastise in love or even give second chances? All of these encompasses your judgement of others.

So, today I encourage you and myself, to be careful about the measurement we apply when judging anything in our lives. By default a level of judgement is applied to every circumstance in life but we need to exercise wisdom and understanding as children of God so that we don’t bring upon ourselves harsh and unreasonable judgement. It’s okay to take notice, keep quiet and take some things to God in prayer trusting that he will do with it what we can’t.

So what will your response be the next time you see or hear of something you’re not in agreement with? What level of measurement will you use?

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2 thoughts on “By Your Own Measure

  1. Terra says:

    Wow! All I can really say is “Ummm” and Yes! This is so on point. I was reading that very scripture this week and it drew me in with my own conviction. Thank you for writing on this. Lord, please continue to use this young woman that is the love You’ve put here in place to minister to hearts. May she always walk boldly in truth and be a tentative listener when you want her to pull back and wait on Your timing to go forth. Thank you for this vessel. In Jesus name, Amen.


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