To Sin or Not to Sin?

The Christian Gazette

What does a Christian do with sin?  Yep, I’m asking.  I am weary of the pointing fingers and the ‘holier than thou’ attitude.  I know not all people are like this. But I think I had a misconception that needs to be addressed.   I repented, came to the Lord, said the prayer, got water baptized, and even speak in tongues.  Yet I still sin. And I’ll bet if you are honest with yourself, you do too.  My misconception; I thought once I ‘came to Jesus’ I would never sin again. Yep. I wasn’t raised in the church.  I didn’t know the script.

In my journey I have found that people either deny that they sin or beat themselves up every chance they get because they sin.  I don’t think either response solves anything. Yes, I have done both.   Both of those responses still had me focused on the…

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One thought on “To Sin or Not to Sin?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post. God bless you sis! Diana


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