Testimony – My Gideon Experience


Do you remember Gideon? The young man who God chose to free the people of Israel from the hands of the Midianites? You can read Gideon’s story in Judges 6 but I’ll give you the paraphrased version so as to put my testimony into perspective.

God had allowed the people of Israel to be oppressed by the Midianites for seven years because of their disobedience to him. After the seven years he sent an angel to speak to a young man whom He ordained to deliver His people; Gideon. As we know God never does things according to man’s standards, so as expected Gideon was not a great leader or king or anything of the sort. He was the youngest of his father’s sons and he came from the weakest tribe in Israel. In fact, when the angel of the Lord came to deliver the message to Gideon that he would free the people of Israel, Gideon was HIDING in an old wine press threshing wheat. I think it’s safe to say here that by society’s standards Gideon was a coward. He didn’t see himself as anyone important and was really just trying to survive as long as he could, under the radar, until someone came along to free the people of Israel. Well, God thought otherwise. In verse 12 of chapter 6 the angel of God addressed him as “mighty warrior”. The angel did not address Gideon in reflection to the state he was in, but to the state God had ordained for him to become, teaching us that God doesn’t see us where we are now but where we are supposed to be or ordained to be by Him.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of Gideon’s story let me get back to my testimony.

This past weekend the church where I fellowship; Evangel Temple, hosted a 24 hour praise, prayer and worship event. We spent 24 hours; starting at 7:00 pm Friday 10th January and ending 7:00 pm Saturday 11th January, worshiping and praising God. The event was awesome and life changing. Spending 24 hours in God’s presence superseded anything that I’ve ever experienced in my life. There was music, song, dance and the ministering of the word. One could feel the presence of God in the sanctuary the entire time and so many persons were ministered to and received their breakthrough.

For me there was one point during the service where I felt weak and unsure of my purpose. I was asked to minister in sermon on Saturday morning. During the week before, I spent time fasting, praying and crying out to God in preparation for a move of His spirit through me on Saturday. When it was time for me to minister I let go and allowed God to do what he had to do through me. I spoke on the importance of worship and giving God our worship first, before asking Him for anything. When I finished preaching I made an altar call and began to lay hands on people and prophesy to them.

For the entire time during my ministry I never doubted the move of God and the direction he was taking the service in, but as soon as I left the altar and sat down a battle began in my mind that had me feeling weak, false and useless. Let me interject and say that I have not been to bible school or had any formal training on being a minister. I asked God to use me and this is the direction he chose and I depend solely on Him where my ministry is concerned. So imagine me, just finished preaching and laying hands on people and sitting down questioning my purpose and literally asking God to take back the gift he gave to me. Everyone around me is praising and rejoicing and I’m sitting on a bench feeling useless and empty.

Thankfully God is faithful and just. As I sat there a young woman came up to me and asked to pray for me. As she prayed she said the exact words God said to Gideon while he was in hiding “God I thank you that you have called this mighty warrior”. Could you imagine how I felt? Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as I repented in my heart for doubting God’s promises to me. God used her prayer to confirm all the things He had spoken to me before. He used her prayer to reaffirm everything he needed me to remember in that moment. He showed up at my weakest point and reminded me that he has a purpose for my life and that he doesn’t see me where I am but where I’m supposed to be.

You might be thinking that the confirmation and affirmation I got through that prayer would have been enough to lift my spirits,but it wasn’t. Just like Gideon I needed proof that this was indeed God. So just as Gideon did, I asked God to confirm his words by my standards. I said to Him, “God if this is you send confirmation through my pastor. Let him pray and confirm what I feel”. God being God did as I asked. Less than fifteen minutes later my pastor asked one of the young men that I prayed for to come to the altar. He began to minister to the young man and said to him, “You received a word from Keela (me) today and I’m glad the way God moves because this is confirmation”. My jaw literally dropped! God you are just so amazing!

I stood up and began to praise God as I saw him work three ways in one situation. He gave the young man breakthrough in his situation, He confirmed what was in my pastor’s heart regarding the young man and he gave me confirmation that the words ministered through my mouth came from Him. Isn’t he amazing?

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe there are times you doubt your calling or purpose, sometimes you wonder if God has a place or plan for you because of your circumstances or life choices and you feel like you’ve struck out. Today I want to give you hope. God has not given up on you and despite how you feel he doesn’t see you in your current state. Rather he sees you in the place he has ordained for you. God has a plan for you and He’s called you according to His purpose. Ask of Him what you desire and watch as he answers your prayer and gives you that push in the direction of your calling.

God bless you, MIGHTY WARRIOR! 

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6 thoughts on “Testimony – My Gideon Experience

  1. Those last paragraphs hit me where it counts. I needed that today, just like Gideon. It reminds me of a time ten years ago when I was a chaplain intern praying for a dear senior in chronic pain. After I was done praying, she turned around and called down the power of God and God’s blessing on me and my ministry.

    Yes, I am struggling to find exactly where God wants me in this season of my life. That’s one reason I started the blog A Year of Being Kind: 365 Days of Service for each day in 2014. But words and prayers like yours touch my heart and help me keep on keeping on. Thank you so much.


    • You’re welcome. This is another of those experiences where I see God using the Church; near and far, to encourage and build each other. I pray God’s blessings and strength upon you as you pick up the mantle for 2014 and I declare that through Christ’s strength you will stay the course!


  2. Your testimony shows that God does the spectacular in this season. So glad you shared for others to read. I was reminded in reading yours, God uses the unlikely vessels in this season. Gideon also needed fireworks to aid in his unbelief. That was why there was the fire at the alter. There is nothing wrong with confirmation and or signs as God proves His word, not man. He knows us and meets us where we are. Stay the course!


  3. Shelly says:

    What a powerful testimony! The enemy wants nothing more than for us to feel as though we are less than God created us to be. If we doubt what He can do through us, we often won’t even try. Your testimony is a powerful reminder to seek Him in prayer, listen to His call, respond in obedience and persevere. Blessings to you!


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