Sometimes I think I must be crazy

To turn my back from all things worldly

And begin a journey, wanting to be holy

To lay down all I knew and loved

And pick up an old wooden  rugged cross


Sometimes I feel depressed

Wanting from this God only the best

Constantly seeking and yearning

Feeling things deep inside to the point that I cannot rest

I want to run and turn away

Because I can’t understand all that I’m supposed to be

I want to get it right and see the glory of his face

I just don’t know if I’m worthy of such a time or place


Sometimes I feel confused

Not knowing what’s there for me to choose

Not always clear of  right or wrong

Should this have been a sonnet or a song?

I want the words I write and songs I sing to be illuminated by Him

And my heart to be the purest thing I bring

I want to give him my all

But can’t help wondering what would happen if ever I fall


Sometimes I feel loved

To know I serve a God who nothing and no one is above

I wish I could spend every waking moment in His presence

Understanding it’s my only taste of heaven

How I long to kneel before His throne

Giving all I have to Him alone

The God of all the earth, King of everything

Found me worthy of His love and Blessings


Sometimes I feel grateful

For who He is to me

I feel like I should tell the world Just how great He is to me

Use me oh Lord

I want the world to know

That I serve a Lord and Savior

From whom all greatness flows



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4 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Praise God. Great post…


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