Favor: When God Protects Your Purpose


Genesis 20:7  Now therefore, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.”

For as long as I could remember I always prayed that God’s favor would be upon me. My understanding of that prayer was having God act on my behalf once I keep my life right and do things in accordance to His will at all times. As I typed that line the realization of my misunderstanding of who God is was enlarged because I know the God I serve doesn’t require his people to work to receive His blessings. God’s blessings were upon me before I knew Him and accepted Him as Lord and Savior and it will continue to be upon me now that I have. God loves me and will bless me in spite of, even when I get it wrong along the way and because I have favor with Him He will ensure that my purpose will be fulfilled. This was exactly the case with Abraham and Sarah when they entered Gerar.

Earlier in Genesis the bible tells how God made a covenant with Abraham and promised him a lot of things as it pertained to his life and his destiny. For some reason however, whenever Abraham came to a new land he didn’t exercise faith in the covenant he had with God but acted on the fear of losing his life. On entry into Gerar Abraham asked Sarah; his wife, to tell King Abimilech that she was his sister. Abraham feared his life would be taken because of Sarah’s beauty, and also because he didn’t believe the fear of God was before the people of Gerar. When king Abimilech heard that Sarah was Abraham’s sister he, as expected took her into his home as his own. What neither parties were privy to was how this act would upset God and the way he would intervene to restore His will for Abraham and Sarah.

Abraham’s fear of death and lack of faith caused him to offer his wife to another man, forsaking the promise God gave to him that Sarah would bear him a child. This was the point where God intervened and protected the covenant made between Him and Abraham. In Verse Seven of Genesis 20 God gave a command to Abimilech the king of Gerar; “restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet” . Talk about divine intervention!

The favor which Abraham found with God was so great that even when Abraham made a bad decision God still protected the covenant. When fear influenced the decision making process and caused Abraham to forget the will of God for his life and trust in it, God intervened and set things back on course. God protected Abraham’s purpose.

Recently I had a lot of questions and anxieties regarding my purpose. I wanted so many answers and I wondered whether those things God said to me will come to pass. I felt discouraged by things happening around me and at one point  I wanted to give up on God altogether, but this morning I thank God that He is in control of my purpose. I’m thankful that He will protect my purpose in spite of what influences my decisions just as he did with Abraham. I’m thankful that although He’s made me aware of what he has in store for me, he never allowed me to take control of it.

Liken your life to a road trip where God is the driver and you’re in the passenger seat. You’ve never been on this particular trip before so everything is new. What God does, is he shows you where you’re going; he tells you the end result before hand. Then he gives you insights along the way; just like a tour guide would. These insights peak your interest and adds to your comfort in new surroundings along the way. Sometimes he tells you what’s coming up ahead to prepare you for it, so you won’t be caught off guard and he might even pick some folks up along the way to make it interesting. The remarkable thing about this journey is, while you’re given the full experience of the journey, he never lets go of the wheel. Even when you might doze off along the way, the vehicle keeps moving and He still maintains control. The funny thing is there might be times the vehicle stops to refuel or change a tyre and for routine services. Those are the times when we can become confused and panic because we want to fix things as quickly as possible to continue the journey and we may try to interfere with the down time process. In those times however is when the driver expects us to trust his judgement. He wants us to trust that when we stop it’s for a reason and once things are sorted out we’ll all get back in the car and continue along the way.

That’s what happened with Abraham. Abraham ignored the driver’s judgement and focused on the road or situation but God in His wisdom never let go of the wheel. It was because of that Abraham’s purpose was fulfilled in accordance to God’s plans.

Just as God protected Abraham’s purpose, he will protect ours. Our bad decisions along the way and abilities to falter sometimes in no way equates to loss of purpose in Christ or lack of favor from Him. The key is to continue on the journey and as much as possible trust the one who is in control. He did it before and he can do it again. Purpose isn’t lost unless God says it is!

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