I’m Back


As you would have noticed it’s been a while (too long of a while actually), since I’ve written anything. My home has been undergoing renovations and as expected things are a bit disorganized and clustered.

I usually sit at my desk at home and write and for some reason that’s beyond me, I find it difficult to write anywhere else. Is that a writer’s thing or is it just me?

Anyways I’m back now. We’re putting things back in place at home and I’m getting my writing space back *happy dance*, and I have so very much to share with you. I’ve been through so many things and learned so many new lessons that I can hardly wait to share. God has been truly good to me and I’m thankful that His hand continues to be upon me.

Here’s some of the big things I didn’t get to share about while I was away; all of which I’m giving glory to God for:

– I preached my first international sermon at my Aunt’s church in Pennsylvania in August. God was with me all the way and my faith in Him increased during and after that trip.

– I’m officially an Aunty!!! My sister had a beautiful baby boy in and both mother and baby are doing fine

– I’m going to Thailand! Yup Thailand 😀 I’ll be part of Youth For Christ’s International training as a Young Leader in Evangelism and in addition to that I’m going to be a leader of a small group while there. I’m really excited about this trip to the point that I don’t think the reality of it has really sunk in. Who would have thought I’d be going to Thailand? Thank you Jesus!

– Lastly I’m spending time with my family for the next three months in an act of obedience to God. God has promised me restoration of my family and I’m eagerly awaiting the turn around that’s coming. This was my first weekend at home and I’m excited to see everything unfold. (I’ll be expanding on this in another blog as I go through this process)

All in all God has continued to be good to me and I’m continuing to live by his word

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you as our journey continue. I pray that God has been even more good to you than He has been to me and I declare that his favor and blessings are upon you and all that concerns you.




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