Simplistic Glory: Appreciating God’s Majesty


I left at home at 4:30 this morning and as I rushed to hit the road and beat the morning traffic I looked up and was met with the most majestic sight. In the darkness of the morning my eyes beheld a sky scattered in stars shining in all their glory and it was as though they kissed my soul good morning.

I smiled. I smiled a genuine smile from within, I think it started in my heart and when my heart was full to capacity it overflowed unto my lips and my soul rejoiced because I knew the designer of those twinkling lights was my friend.

Recently I’ve been focusing my energy on apologetics and my ability to defend my faith. I’m a simple person by nature and so when it comes to examining the complex issues brought forward by skeptics it can be a bit overwhelming for me. I can’t say that it’s too much to handle or an impossible task ahead but this morning I was thankful that unlike my skeptical friends I didn’t need to add definition to everything around me before I could show gratitude to the creator.

God in all His glory made the most beautiful things for us to dwell amongst. I’m usually more of a “sun girl”. I’m a lover of nature but something about sitting and watching the sun rise or set connects with my inner being. Occasionally I’d wait a while at night and gaze at the stars before I go indoors but they’ve never had the same effect they had on me this morning. Something about them gave me a peace I’ve been longing for.

For fear that I ramble on about my many encounters with God’s creation I’d end this post by saying that I’m happy. I’m thankful that God gave me such a beautiful gift to start my week and just as he created the stars in all their beauty so too has he created each of us to bring Him glory.

I may not have all the answers needed to convince others that God is real but I am thankful that in my simple nature I have to ability to appreciate every thing He has given me and all He’s created around me!

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