The Harsh Reality of an Angry Me

I’m angry

At least on the surface of me that’s all I can see

An anger with the potential to do as much damage as a raging sea

I’ve been silently observing me for a while

Making sure never to lose my smile

For without it I fear the world would see

The anger that’s been plaguing me

I’ve been contemplating when this anger started and how long it’s been building

Maybe it’s from as far back as my father’s beatings

Or as recent as my friends’ chastising of who I am

I could never be one hundred percent me

Because the me that they see and the reality of who everyone wants me to be is a fallacy

Everyone and their expectations

Placing me in difficult situations where my mind and my heart condition is always questioned

Maybe in the future I’ll see transformation

A heart transplant and blood transfusion

Call it righteous indignation

But I can’t help but feel like I’m bigger than my situations

And while they’re building blocks on my foundation

I can only look forward to completion

Because the me that I see is so bitter and angry

It leaves me desperate for a new reality

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