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Off To Surgery :)


Yes you read the title correctly. I’m going to be away a little bit this week because I have a minor surgery on Tuesday please God. The smiley face in the title of this blog and the picture of me smiling above might seem confusing. Especially when I make mention that the surgery is to remove a lump in my breast to have it tested for cancer.

I recently found a lump in my breast and when examined my doctor found that there were others in addition to the one I found. At first they thought it was a condition called fibroadenoma¬†¬†which is common in women my age. Upon closer review the doctor found that the properties of the lump weren’t consistent with that of fibroadenoma and so he wants to remove the largest of the lumps (which is almost 4cm in size) to have it tested for cancer. While it is uncommon for women my age to have breast cancer and the disease is prominent in my family I still need to have this procedure done to be sure.

I’m honestly not worried about this. I know that my God is all powerful and wonderful and His will for my life will be accomplished. So I’ve sat and thought about the best and worst possible outcomes of my current situation.

The best that can happen is that the lump shows no sign of cancer and was just a growth. Worst case, it is cancer and well, God will treat with it how he deems fit. Either way there’s a testimony welling up in this and I’m ecstatic about it!!!

Sooooooooooo with that being said, I am going to miss you guys immensely over the next couple of days and I can hardly wait to come back and tell all of you about my experience. In the mean time keep me in prayer and get ready to hear how God moves in this situation.

Oh, and Terry if you read this please know that I’ll miss you and Al immensely and please please please give him all my love.

Stay blessed everyone!

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